Using Coupons to Save Without Going Extreme

Money saving is a process that everyone wants to do because this is the most vital step towards attaining financial stability. Using coupons to get discounts and avail other options is a good task but it can take a lot of hard work sometimes if you do it manually and search the newspaper for a coupon every week. It could be an irritating task because many a times when you use a lot of coupons you need to buy an amount more than you need and sometime have to buy an item that you do not even buy to avail an offer. Every one of us would love to get discount but doing this from coupons can take a lot of time and effort and not everyone is ready for it. Many a times your coupons can only be availed to get unhealthy food like Junk food and packed food that is somehow not good for your health. So here I am writing this article for you so that you could use coupons to get discounts without any hard work and giving you methods to save more effectively.

1-Use Money saving apps

In the process of money saving these money savings apps can become a big factor. There are hundreds of free apps that you can download and use to get discounts and to avail different offers online on certain brands and stores. If grocery shopping takes a big space in your budget section then these apps can help you. There are sites like Ibotta, Savings star, Shopkick and etc that can be used to get discounts on grocery shopping. On some apps you will have to scan your grocery receipts and buy some specific products or brands to get discounts and some will pay you instant cash back on your shopping. You can use them on your local store brands or for online shopping. Many of the apps gives you points for the above mentioned tasks and then you can redeem your points into gift cards or cash that you can get in multiple ways. Most of time the only option is PayPal and you can receive your cash from PayPal.

2- Get printed Coupons

Now it is not necessary to buy newspaper to get coupons you can get them online and print them. There are hundreds of websites now that you can use to get coupons and you can then print them to get discounts on your weekly trip of shopping. These websites includes, and etc. These websites are free to use and easily accessible. So the time has gone when you have to buy some fancy papers to get coupons now you can get them online because most of the manufacturers have put them online so that it could be easily accessible and used by you.

3- Buy in Bulk when something is on discount

Buying things in bulk that you do not use a lot and cannot save is never a good decision so you do not need to buy such items. But there are items that your family eats a lot or that can be preserved and can be used for a larger period of time means these things has a greater life. So buying these types of items can be a good decision for your budget. Let me give you an example, suppose if you eat a lot of oatmeal and it costs $4 a box and you eat 2 boxes per week so if you get oatmeal on sale on price of $2 per box you can buy them in bulk and you buy 20 boxes for you that will be used for 10 weeks. So here in this trade you will buy oatmeal of 10 weeks in the price of 5 weeks that means you have saved a good amount. Another case is that they items that cannot be saved and preserved so if you get apples on sale do not buy them in bulk because this will be a very big loss because you cannot preserve them and as you know that food wastage is a very big problem of our society so if you will buy like this you will also get accused of it.

4-Remain Informed about your Local Stores.

Do you now all your local store and if they have their own coupons and when did they are on sale? I am sure you will not because many of the people like us do not have much interest in these kinds of stuff. But when money saving is a priority you have to do a search and give some time so that you could save effectively and get the most out of it. So if you want to save more than you want on your grocery shopping then you will have to look for your all local stores. There are stores that has mega sales every month or after few months. So it is the time that you should know that dates. Many a times some stores give you double discount on a single coupon on selective days. So if you know these selective days you can cash them and can save hundreds of dollars on grocery shopping. Though if you are a beginner in this type of shopping or using coupons it will take some time and practice and after that you will be saving hundreds of dollars every year that will take you towards your goal of financial stability.

Many of the stores do big promotion and if you cannot get the date of that promotion by other ways you can ask them directly. You should never hesitate for asking discount if money saving is your priority. If you ask your local store for their sale days they will tell you as they do not have much to hide so asking is important because you do not know what you can get by just simply asking.

So here you are stepping in the world of money saving so it is important to know that where and how you can use your coupons. A cashier can get annoyed if you do not use the coupon properly or even you can get disappointed if you misuse the coupon. So it is better to study a coupon policy and validity and where it is applicable so that you can use it properly and get your discounts effectively.

5- Use Social Media Groups

Social media has made this world a global village so it is the time that we should use social media to better our life. It can help us in many ways but in this case our priority is to save money and to learn about coupons. I am pretty sure that you would be a Facebook user as it has 800 Million users around the globe. So if you are a user of Facebook and other sites like it you can get number of groups there that gives you information about coupon policies and you can search for coupons there because you will find people there that use coupons for money savings. So in these groups you will be able to get coupons and you can get information about them. You will be able to find your local groups so you will get to know people around you that use coupons and you can even exchange your coupons with them for effective shopping but never sell coupons as it is illegal in most of time. So this could be a very beneficial idea to get to know people so that you would remain informed about new coupons and offers.

6- Don’t be brand conscious

If you are a brand conscious person then money saving can be really difficult for you because you will always be looking for the same brand over number of times where the chance of getting discount is so less as compared to others. So marrying to a brand is no more an option. Do you know that most of your store brand names are made and packed by brand companies but are packed at the stores name and they are much cheaper than a brand name so it is never a good option to skip a store brand item in comparison to a branded item. As you want to buy generic so for your information all the store brands remain a quality check at their items and they are really in competition with the branded items. For instance once I bought a box of oatmeal for $2.9 from a store brand with store name and it was of $4 for a certain brand, so here I saved a good amount for a number of quantities. This type of shopping can help you to get a lot of saving without using coupons.

So here were the 6 ideas that will help you to save more money on coupons without going extreme. Make sure you remain informative about the coupons and use them well. Do comment your thoughts in the comment section and also share your experience of saving money using these methods that I have mentioned above.

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