Save Big with Back to School Savings!

School shopping is ridiculously stressful! The school supply list always feels endless, and the prices are often tough to swallow. Gotta buy those new clothes too! God forbid your kid shows up with the same shoes as last year! Take a deep, calming breath and check out our advice!


Shop Tax-Free:

Several states have a tax-free week or weekend where some items can be bought without tax. It will certainly make a big difference if you need to buy big ticket items like PCs or electronics. It’s worth it to look when your state offers their tax-free time.


Keep With The List:

Once you have a supply list, stick to it. You’ll need to know what to buy before you leave the house. Don’t ever browse in a store; you’ll end up buying way more than you need!


Try a Clothing Swap:

You can bring together your neighborhood and do a clothes swap! It’s an awesome way to repurpose old items and get new ones.


September Sales:

Try putting off most of your shopping, if you can, until September. Many stores have great fall sales around that time. Save way more on your purchases by waiting just a bit later than usual.


Stock Coupons:

Stocking up on store and manufacturer coupons is a wonderful way to get maximum savings! Just look in your local paper for store coupons and online for manufacturer coupons. Often, you can double up on them for even more savings! Check out  and online, and for manufacturers coupons, try Target and CVS.

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