Different Ways To Challenge Yourself To A Non-Spend Day, Week Or Month

Either your kids needs new stuff for back to school after vacations or you have just paid off for your holiday trip or you just feel financially drained, few times our perfectly planned budget can face failure also.

It is quite is to spend all of your money and savings on extra stuff and it also happens quite frequently, but the question is how can you stop this from happening again and again?

Have you ever thought of you spend a specific amount of time without spending a single penny? The time you decide to spend without wasting money on unnecessary stuff is called No-Spend challenge and this is the right answer to your all questions and problems.

Most of you might be thinking that what actually a no-spend challenge is? So here’s the thing that when you totally plan to spend a specific time period without wasting or spending money on stuff is knows as a no-spend challenge and during that time period you will see that how much your money handling situation has been improved, reassuring a budget freeze can actually work wonders for your money saving efforts.

Perfect, here’s the best steps for you to take a start!

A No-Spend Challenge Can Be Anything Whatsoever You Want It To Be

First of all that’s necessary to keep in mind that you explain what you want to include or exclude in your no-spend challenge. Such as for one person it is to cut off their morning glass of orange juice from everyday routine and for second it means to stop buying new iPhone every time Apple launches one or it might mean to cancel their unnecessary subscriptions.

Whatever you choose for your no-spend challenge then it’s important that you should stay honest to yourself and get whatever you want from it.

Well, a no spend challenge doesn’t means that you should cancel all of your subscriptions and cut yourself from the rest of the world, despite the fact that I do know some of the people who have gone to being so conservative after a no-spend challenge.

Prepare Yourself

There are few things that won’t stop even you are doing a no-spend challenge such as,

  • Bills, doesn’t matter if you are doing a no-spend challenge or not you still need to pay your bills
  • Fueling up your car
  • If you use train or bus to travel from one place to another then it need to be in date
  • And obviously you need to eat also!

Before you start your no-spend challenge take a look of everything that you’re already having in your refrigerator, so you can plan your meals too also don’t forget to check your car fuel so you can take a estimate of all of your bills in advance.

This is important in case you don’t miss any of your important payments.

There is no possibility that your no-spend challenge can cut off these sort of costs.

The basic point of no-spend challenge is to stop you from spending on unnecessary items which you don’t need or you can’t afford.

Decide An Ending Period

To end up your no-spend challenge is totally your choice when you want to end it. Whether you are going to fix a special day or date to end it or continue it for a week or two or an entire month it’s totally your choice.

Have you ever done it before too? If yes then great and if no then you should start it with small and If you complete it honestly then you will be do it again probably.

You will literally find it easier if you start by a no-spend week as it is easier to plan lunches and stay on to your budget when you are busy in work or have a busy routine.

Got An Ultimate Aim

Saving money for holiday? Planning to complete work on your home?

For no-spend challenge having anything to work for is the best motivator. In case if urge to squander gets too much then simply think about how good it will feel once you will reach your goal.

Also don’t forget to celebrate milestones with little achievements and rewards.

Initiate Today

Stop making excuses because there is never a perfect time to start saving money so just start from today.

If you’re finding it hard to stop yourself from spending money then the best way to save is to leave your debit cards  and cash at home. That’s the best way to save physically.

After sometime  you will be telling yourself that “ I don’t have money for this so for sure I don’t need this”

Use What You Have

Raise your hands who have a freezer full of food but still having a hard time to decide what to cook?

Many of us belongs to this category and then at last we end up by spending lots of money on unnecessary food. Stop last minutes rushes to the shops and ordering pretty much expensive foods by using up the food which you already have in your freezers.

Schedule Meal To Save Money

Meal planning is one of the great ways to save money and not only that it is also best to save your time. Note down all of the ingredients you have already in your fridge, freezer and in cabinets. After making a list of all the ingredients you have start planning your meals by what you already have.

You never know that with what kind of delicious dish you will come up with.

Shop Your Own Closet

Use that same strategy with your closet.

If you are regretting buying new suits or dresses for every event, start searching your closet deeply to see what you have in your closet already. You will find many things which you might have forgotten you had for sure.

Your attitude will realize that you don’t need a new dress or a new suit for every event after your no-spend challenge.

Clean Out And Make Some Cash

While making some extra money during your no-spend time period, nobody said anything then go ahead search up your whole house and search for those extra items which don’t serve a purpose in your home anymore.

Stay Busy

Your no-spend challenge time period is  a great time to make a list and do those things for which you never get time to. By staying busy in completing tasks like cleaning, DIY or anything else which you couldn’t complete before because of lack of time, after you will complete all of those tasks you will feel really much creative and productive.

If you are energetically looking to do something better other than shopping then you will forget ultimately that you can’t spend money and you will probably prefer to fill up your time with more meaningful and better things to do.

Keep Cool On Yourself

In case if you spend a little or it is a special occasion that falls on your no-spend time period then its okay its not an end of the world. The significant thing which you should keep in mind is that it is a bright spot, not a reason to give up.

Don’t Forget That It’s Not Forever

Stay focused on your goals and reward yourself at the end of your no-spend challenge by achieving whatever you wanted to. You feel accomplished if everything turns out all right and you will be one step more closer to manage your finances in a better way than before.

Does anyone of you have you started or completed a no-spend challenge yet? We would love to hear from you!

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