How To Get Free Hair Beauty Products Absolutely Free-Of-Charge

The hair products market is huge!

From conditioners and shampoos, to dry shampoo and hairspray, we are obsessed with maintaining how we look, but it’s all at a cost.

But what if I were to tell you that there are a couple of super easy and quick ways to get the hair products you love free of charge! It is true! Here is a look at some ways that you can score yourself hair freebies today.

Become a conditioner, hair styling, and shampoo products tester

Today, there are tons of online product testing sites that are looking for your opinion, the only catch is you have to try their products. Product testing programs can be offered by anyone from a testing panel to your favourite hair brand (both work in the same way). They send you a bunch of different hair products in exchange for online reviews.

Here are some of the best testing sites out there:

Charles Worthington – simply sign up to try new and exclusive Charles Worthington hair products that haven’t yet hit the market!

Boots – They have a secret panel which you can join to test new hair products before they hit the market. If signing up is not open at the moment, then consider bookmarking the site and checking back from time to time since they open up opportunities all year round.

Super Savvy Me – This is another great panel to consider signing up with. Super Savvy Me always has loads of grabs on offer including the Mega Pantene Bundle which I got free of charge last year. All I did was talk about my hair problems (greasy and thick) and they sent me the bundle, which is fabulous – I wouldn’t have tried this brand but it is all I buy now. Do not forget to the Savvy Circle for more opportunities to win freebies.

Trnd – Trnd allows you to test all kinds of products; they often offer beauty and hair products in bulk like Batiste Dry Shampoos!

Bzzagent – they have loads of free hair goodies and all you need to do is just sign up and fill in a couple of surveys. From your results, they will pick products that suit you most and send them to you for testing.

How To Receive Hair Products Free of Charge in Exchange for Reviews

Okay, now this is one option that may sound too good to be true, but truth is, it really works.

Whether you are an influential blogger, a celebrity or simply someone who loves a particular brand, the old adage “you do not ask, you do not get” will still apply. However, this for such people, it is usually favourable to them compared to you getting freebies.

Just be polite and start by complimenting products and stating what a loyal consumer of their brand you have been for years. Then continue to talk about how you’ve noticed that they have a different or new product you would love to try out in exchange for an online review on either their website or your blog.

If you are lucky, they will send you a full-sized product but at least you will still have received some hair product sample or coupons for discounts for your next purchase. Freebies are freebies, right?

Get 100%-Free Hair Product Sample Online

With so many ways to get free hair products online, the only thing you need to know is where to look for them. You might score anything from free hair extensions to free shampoo if you just know where to find these offers.

Unlike the 2 websites mentioned above, Freebiesite UK offers vouchers, freebies, and samples from different companies instead of members of the public. The freebies can range from calendars and gardening seeds to baby starter kits.

• Consider signing up with the website to get free newsletters that will allow you to stay updated on their latest freebie offers.

• The website also provides details about the latest online discount codes, free competitions, and in-store special offers.

• You can also get to see the best offers available by viewing user ratings, which are highlighted next to an offer’s details.

Ask for Free Samples In-Store

If you happen to pop into a local department store like Selfridges, House of Fraser, or Debenhams, you should find that there are super-friendly makeup and hair experts at each beauty and hair stand ready to advise you on how to maintain your looks.

Apart from advice, they often hand over free goodies like conditioning hair treatments and shampoo samples – that is good enough for me.

Remember, just be polite and nice and do not make it obvious that you are there just to get freebies. And, don’t forget to listen to their advice. You might be surprised by what you get to learn from them!

Win Free Hair Product Bundles

This is one of the most exciting ways to score free hair goodies; however, it is also one of the hardest approaches because your chances of winning anything depend squarely on your luck, the number of freebies to be given away, and a couple of different factors.

Nevertheless, competitions and quizzes are a fun way of winning yourself free and fancy hair products!

There are so many competitions all over and figuring out the best ones to enter can be a bit tricky. So I have come up with a guide that will help you win freebies just by comping.

Some of the sites that host awesome hair giveaways and bundles include:
– Stylist
– Glamour Magazine
– Emerald Street
– Look Magazine
– And many more!

It is worth trying out some phone apps too. If you are on O2, then consider looking at O2 Priority comps. The same applies to Three customers as they can now use Wuntu – a fab new app that offers tons of comps and freebies.

Free Hair Extensions – How Do I Get Them

If you would like to try out some new, fancy hair extensions to find a shade that suits you before committing, then hair extension samples are the way to go.

To make things easier for you, I have found you a company that offers free samples through the post. Exciting, right? So, which colour will you get?

Sometimes, hair freebies are only intended for professionals within the hair industry, that is stylists, hairdressers, and such. Nevertheless, make a point of checking with them. You never know, by contacting them directly, they just might decide to send you some freebies out of courtesy.

Now you have it, some quick and simple ways to score yourself free hair goodies.

If you have any new ideas on how to get freebies, then feel free to share with us. We’d like to hear from you, so please give us a call today!

How To Build Up Your Makeup Collection For Free

Building up a beauty collection can be expensive, which is something that people who love beauty products and makeup know. Fortunately, there are ways that you can boost your makeup bag. Free products from some of the big beauty brands are a great way to improve your collection without having to spend anything.

Why Beauty Companies Give Away Free Makeup

Beauty brands give away free samples of their products to help spread the word about their company and the new lines that they have. Free samples are used so you can try before you buy the product. The beauty brands are hoping that if you try the product for free and like it, you will be more likely to purchase the product again in the future when you need it.

There are a lot of different methods that you can use to get free makeup and beauty products. There are also different types of samples that you will be able to hey.

Get Free Makeup From Company Giveaways

One of the easiest ways to get your free makeup and beauty products is through online giveaways by the company that makes the products. Beauty companies will often run free sample giveaways to promote their new products or to get some interest in their brand. These giveaways will usually be on a first served basis so you have to apply for the sample as soon as you hear about the giveaway.

Beauty samples are a great way for you to try a new product before you commit to buying a full bottle. Some of the companies that have free giveaways will include GLAMGLOW, Estee Lauder, John Freida, MineTan, bareMinerals and Benefit. Of course, there are many other beauty brands that offer free samples. To get these samples, you will need to keep an eye out for them and regularly look at websites that offer you these freebies.

It is important to note that beauty freebies are very popular and they will generally run out very quickly. To ensure that you have a good chance of getting these products, you need to set up alerts for them. These alerts will advise you of when the freebie hits the market and guide you to where you can order yours.

Get Free Beauty Products As Part Of Product Review Trials

How do beauty companies know if their new product is any good? How does a customer know that a product is actually going to do what it says that it will? Honest reviews from real people is the answer to both these questions and this is something that many brands look at getting.

To get these reviews, beauty companies will often run product review panels where you can sign up to test a new product for free in exchange for an honest review. This means that you get to have a beauty product that is not on the market right now. These panels help companies build up their reputation and review ratings which are important for them to be successful.

One of the benefits of being part of these review trials is the fact that the samples will generally be full size. Most samples are much smaller which means that you have to buy the product sooner. There are a number of companies that complete these reviews including Boots, Soap & Glory, ELEMIS and Champneys.

It is also worth signing up to more general product review companies as they will often have beauty campaigns as well. These companies will include the Glamour Beauty Club, the Insiders and BzzAgent. Some of the recent campaigns that these companies have run include Garnier Argan Oil, Dior Foundation and hair dye.

Monthly Beauty Freebies From The Debenhams Beauty Club

One of the favourites among beauty product lovers is the Debenhams Beauty Club. Every month the club will have a new beauty freebie which can be claimed by members from Debenhams stores. The products range from toiletries to perfume to makeup to skincare. They will always be a decent size and of good quality which is a bonus.

In the recent months, there have been a lot of amazing beauty freebies. These will include longevity serum from bareMinerals, nourishing body oil from Kiehl and Gucci Bloom Eau de prafum. The club is also very easy to join as all you need to do is head to your local Debenhams store and get a card. You can also join online and show your card in the store to get your freebie.

Free Makeup At Beauty Counters

If you have a specific beauty product that you want to get, you could claim a free sample from the beauty counter. All you need to do is ask for a sample. Most brands will have a selection of samples that they give to customers who are interested in potentially buying the product, but are still a bit unsure.

If you are looking at foundation, free samples can come in handy as this is one of the hardest makeup products to buy. The samples can be used to ensure that the shade of the foundation matches your skin tone. You can also check if the product is right for your skin type because testing on your hand in the store will generally not be good enough.

The best way to test foundation is to wear it for a day or two and go about your normal routine. This allows you to check if the product offers the coverage that you want and if the texture is right for your skin. You can also verify that the colour of the foundation matches your skin tone.

Some of the brands that offer free samples at their beauty counters will include Dior, Bobbi Brown, Clarins and Estee Lauder. The next time you are in any department store, you should tell the trained makeup artist there that you are interested in trying out a new foundation. They will generally be able to find one that suits your needs and provide you with a free sample to use.

Some tips for getting these samples will include asking for a free sample when the store is not busy. You should avoid going at lunchtime when the stores are busy and rather head there in the early morning. The salespeople will be able to spend some time talking to you at these times and offer you a wide selection of free samples.

You also need to be interested in the product you are asking for. You should do some research before you go so you sound like a genuine shopper and not someone who is just looking for a freebie. You also need to be polite and kind to the people in the store as you will generally be rewarded for your efforts.

Get Free Products Through Competition Wins

Another way that you can get free beauty products will be through entering competitions. While you are not guaranteed to win the competition, it takes very little time to enter. Competitions are generally worth a shot because the prize is usually better than the average freebie.

Regular competitions are held by Get The Gloss as they collaborate with many top beauty brands. They will generally have several hundred products up for grabs from travel size items to full-size ones. The benefit of these competitions is that you are always going to get a high-quality beauty product.

Email Companies For Free Samples

You will also be able to get free products by sending an email directly to the beauty brand. When you express interest in their company or a specific product, you will be able to get a lot of free samples sent to you. If the company only uses natural ingredients or they have a specific product that you think will solve your skin care problem, you should tell them about this and indicate that you are interested in their product. You will generally be rewarded for your efforts.

It is important to remember to be personal and friendly in your emails. If you are polite, the brand will be more likely to send you a free sample.

The Best Free Subscription Boxes in the UK

Who doesn’t love taking care of their skin? But sometimes it can get a bit expensive because our skin doesn’t need a single product as in winter you need to protect your skin from harsh windy weather and in summer your skin needs those cooling cleansing after a hot and tiring day so buying a single product can really push off your limit sometimes and that’s the time when you need a skincare subscription box to take care of your skin properly while staying in your budget. There are a lot of skincare subscription boxes available out there in the market which is a good thing but having a lot of options can make it a bit hard to choose what’s right for you, but…. You don’t need to worry about anything because we are always here for you. We have reviewed a lot of free subscription boxes reviewed at TopSubscriptionBoxes and to make it a little easier for you, we have rounded up some of the best skincare subscription boxes so just sit back, relax and have a look at them.


The Natural Beauty Box

The Natural Beauty Box is a skincare subscription box that delivers a box to their subscription each month containing a perfect blend of skincare and beauty products. The products you will receive inside your box will be a surprise but they assure you that all of their products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They also guarantee you that their products are sourced from ethical and eco-luxe British artisans to fulfill all of your skincare and beauty needs in every season. You can subscribe to their service by paying a discounted price of £24.95 for 3-months and they will send you a beautiful box each month at your doorsteps.


Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box

Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box is another popular subscription box available in the subscription box industry. Each month they will send you a box containing 5 skincare and beauty products that are trending in the market out there. Each month they send a perfect blend of the latest full-sized products to you at the comfort of your home to fulfill your monthly beauty and skincare needs and best of all is that they assure you that these products will last easily till your next box arrives at your doorsteps and you can subscribe to their service by paying £35.00 per box.


LoveLula Beauty Box

If you are looking for a subscription box that provides you with all the products which will help you to take care of every part of your body then this is the perfect option for you. From oils, masks, and shampoos to mascaras, each month they will deliver you a box containing the products worth over £50 at a very reasonable price of under £15. You can subscribe to LoveLula’s monthly subscription service by paying £15 a month but the interesting thing is that if you subscribe to their 3, 6, or 12 months plan then you will be able to save 15% of the monthly cost.


The PIP Box

Do you also lie in the category of those people who love to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends? If so then The PIP Box is your thing and the best part is all of their products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Each month they deliver you a box fully-loaded with full-sized products worth up to £55. Every box is specially designed to fulfill all of your beauty needs. You can get their monthly subscription for £25.99 a month.



Glossybox is the leading subscription box in the skincare subscription box industry and has maintained its position by delivering over 4 million boxes to its subscribers by sourcing products from New York, Paris, Milano, and Tokyo. After subscribing to their service each month they will deliver you a recognizable pink box straight at your doorsteps loaded with the 5 latest skincare products to allow their existing and new subscribers to discover the new beauty and skincare concoctions. Glossybox’s monthly subscription will cost you £13.


Latest in Beauty

Latest in Beauty is a that allows you to choose how many products you want to receive every month in your subscription box. Latest in Beauty offers you multiple plans to choose from, either you can go with a basic plan and receive 3 products of your choice every month at your doorsteps in just £9 or you can go wild and receive 9 of your favorite products at the comfort of your home in just £18/month. It’s three different monthly subscription services which are known as Beauty Novice, Beauty Enthusiast, and Beauty Guru. Each of them offers hand-curated boxes according to your choice. All of the above-mentioned plans come with free shipping. Also. in case you are not sure about which plan you’d like to subscribe to, you can purchase the boxes separately.


So this was the list of some of the best skincare subscription boxes for you to choose from, whether you’re a pro or putting your first foot into the subscription box industry, the above-mentioned ones will surely help you in one or another way. We’d love to hear from you guys so feel free to share your thoughts by dropping a comment below and also let us know which one of the above-mentioned ones you like or you’ve already tried.

How to get freebies in the UK

If you are looking any freebies because you like to save on your budget buying stuff that will really make you pay big, then you really have no choice but to choose them. The only way that you can get freebies is by signing through the websites that will offer and send them to you for free. Also, the best way to accept these freebies from JustFreeStuff is by making an account which you can remember easily. By signing up on their websites, you can also get any updates regarding from their freebies and free stuff that they are giving away.

If all these freebies stuff and information is new from you and if you don’t know how to find these free goodies then, you can just go to your browser and search it in the Google website and search engine.

When you already have went to the website where it is offering you free stuff and freebies, you must first read their terms and conditions and then sign up. After doing that, unclick or do not tick the boxes or radio buttons that would fill your inbox with so much emails. Since there are a lot of websites that would offer freebies and free stuff, you have a lot of products and samples that you can receive! What’s more is that you can actually choose from the options that the freebies are there in store!

Getting samples is very easy and a very fastest way to have one. Since delivery fluctuates and differs from one product to the other, you still have to have patience and the ability to understand and constantly check on the delivery days that your samples will be delivered. Furthermore, samples really are the best since all shipment fees and delivery fee is safe and secure.

You would be wondering that people are very passionate about freebie hunting and the like as long as they get their freebies for some personal reasons or just the reason of need. Also, not only that these freebies offer benefits and advantage to some people, but it also helps those people who are actually broke for some reasons. The samples and freebies really do help them in terms of food, laundry needs, detergent, and many more.

All famous top and best websites have already some program and add-ons that are installed in the web browsers! The reason behind this is to make the freebie hunting and availing more convenient and easy for the customer and person. Furthermore, email accounts and basic information are needed in getting your freebies as well the samples and coupons that you will be availing. Also, what’s in freebies are that; you should be careful in availing these items because there are some websites that offers freebies that will really send you emails more often. Lastly, these freebies are always! If you ever encounter freebies website that offers and asks you some small amount for payment, do not enter you information.

Saving Money With Freebies UK

I can remember a couple of decades ago when the internet was just something available for geeks. Most of us were quite happy using a computer at work, and then going home to watch the TV. Most of the technology that we have today never existed then, and the only way of getting information was the usual media sources, or the printed page, such as newspapers and magazines. I know that I would spend ages going through various papers and cutting out the coupons in order to get some freebies UK. Sometimes it was a case of posting them off and waiting in anticipation for the delivery.

That final fact is the same today, except we can now use the internet to look for free items that companies may be giving away in order to try and entice us to buy their products. I especially concentrate on beauty items, as there is now so much competition around, the brands are falling over themselves to give us stuff. In fact, you do not need to search for coupons, just contact the company directly via email, and ask if they have a sample. More often than not they will send you something.

Save Big with Back to School Savings!

School shopping is ridiculously stressful! The school supply list always feels endless, and the prices are often tough to swallow. Gotta buy those new clothes too! God forbid your kid shows up with the same shoes as last year! Take a deep, calming breath and check out our advice!


Shop Tax-Free:

Several states have a tax-free week or weekend where some items can be bought without tax. It will certainly make a big difference if you need to buy big ticket items like PCs or electronics. It’s worth it to look when your state offers their tax-free time.


Keep With The List:

Once you have a supply list, stick to it. You’ll need to know what to buy before you leave the house. Don’t ever browse in a store; you’ll end up buying way more than you need!


Try a Clothing Swap:

You can bring together your neighborhood and do a clothes swap! It’s an awesome way to repurpose old items and get new ones.


September Sales:

Try putting off most of your shopping, if you can, until September. Many stores have great fall sales around that time. Save way more on your purchases by waiting just a bit later than usual.


Stock Coupons:

Stocking up on store and manufacturer coupons is a wonderful way to get maximum savings! Just look in your local paper for store coupons and online for manufacturer coupons. Often, you can double up on them for even more savings! Check out  and online, and for manufacturers coupons, try Target and CVS.

Painting the House on a Budget

Renovating the house is not cheap. If you are only thinking of getting a new kitchen or bathroom then still you need a big budget. But if you are just thinking of getting a new paint job around the house and getting new wallpapers then you might not need to mug a Leprechaun for his pot of gold.

First thing is first, set a budget. Even though this job doesn’t cost a fortune but it is easy to get carried away. Therefore, you need a budget and make all efforts not to cross it.

Let’s begin, first you need to strip the wallpaper. I got a wallpaper stripper for $8 in a garage sale. You need it because it will save you a lot of time and effort and remember time is money. This job can also be don’t by using a sponge and a bucket of warm water but don’t spend time doing mundane stuff. After the wallpaper is off, cover the wall in generous amount of sugar soap and repeat the process.

It is highly unlikely that you may find the exact shade of the paint you want lying around in the house (it is highly unlikely you may find any paint lying around the house). Therefore, you have to look for some good deals if you want to save money because lets agree paint is very expensive. At the moment XYZ are offering “buy one get one free” on ABC paints. Which means for $20 you can get two tins of paint for the price of just one. Just a tip, choose a neutral color like cream, ash white or off white because they go with everything.

XYZ Home depot sent me coupon for 20% off on wallpapers. An employee told me they keep an eye out for people who are moving and help them by giving discount coupons. I don’t know how they keep themselves updated but the discount is very useful.
When buying the wallpaper I was keeping it very tight and trying not to buy anymore than necessary so I was really reluctant to buy more than one roll of wallpaper. But since I had the coupon for 20% off it came in handy and I purchased two rolls of the wallpaper I liked. It cost me just $40.

Also remember to buy things in bulk. Many stores give you a good discount if you buy in large quantity. Therefore, plan ahead when renovating your house, make a list of what you are going to need and try to buy in bulk. Lastly, I do all the small scale renovating in my house because it saves me the labor cost and also because I love to do it. So, if you can do it by yourself that would be great because you will saving a great amount of time and money.

A Great Way to Get Free Stuff such as Movies and Television Shows

There is a plethora of different ways that you can get your hands on some free stuff on the internet. Believe it or not, there are millions of websites out there on the net that have been dedicated to providing you with free stuff which includes product samples and money. One of the best free things that you can get on the internet is free movies and television shows. You might think that to get movies and television shows you will have to buy them on the internet, however, this isn’t true. Simply read through this article to see how you can stream you favorite television shows and movies on the internet for absolutely free. We spoke to the owner of Mega Free Stuff UK who can up with a great way to save money and free movies to watch on demand.

You may have heard of some of the web’s biggest television and movie streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. You might know that these services often cost a monthly subscription fee which can range to around £20 a month. Many people don’t have this much money lying around just for streaming of their favorite television shows and movies. However, getting a free subscription to such streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu is actually very easy.

Netflix and Hulu often give out thousands of free monthly subscriptions each and every month to men and women who have gone ahead and completed a survey for them. These streaming services need information from real men and women such as ourselves to provide them with information and opinions on their service so that they can improve their business. If you go ahead and answer their surveys, they will reward with such things as a free monthly subscription to their service or perhaps even a yearly subscription to their service. This means that you could potentially enjoy a years worth of your favorite movies and televisions shows for absolutely free.

You will find that these streaming services will often have an official survey area on their website where you can apply to be one of the men or women that their surveys and be eligible for free streaming of their surveys. This means that by spending a few minutes out of your day, you will be able to go and enjoy the amazing streaming services provided by websites such as Hulu. This means that you will be able to save money renting or purchasing television shows and movies each and every month.

Furthermore, there are often third party surveys that you can take that will reward you with a free subscription to these services. When choosing to take a survey from a third party, make sure that you do your research to see that they are trustworthy. To do this, all you really have to do is to search them online and to see reviews of their survey service to see if men and women are getting their rewards.

And there you have it, how you cab go ahead and enjoy your free time watching your favorite movies and television shows for absolutely zero cost at all.

Using Coupons to Save Without Going Extreme

Money saving is a process that everyone wants to do because this is the most vital step towards attaining financial stability. Using coupons to get discounts and avail other options is a good task but it can take a lot of hard work sometimes if you do it manually and search the newspaper for a coupon every week. It could be an irritating task because many a times when you use a lot of coupons you need to buy an amount more than you need and sometime have to buy an item that you do not even buy to avail an offer. Every one of us would love to get discount but doing this from coupons can take a lot of time and effort and not everyone is ready for it. Many a times your coupons can only be availed to get unhealthy food like Junk food and packed food that is somehow not good for your health. So here I am writing this article for you so that you could use coupons to get discounts without any hard work and giving you methods to save more effectively.

1-Use Money saving apps

In the process of money saving these money savings apps can become a big factor. There are hundreds of free apps that you can download and use to get discounts and to avail different offers online on certain brands and stores. If grocery shopping takes a big space in your budget section then these apps can help you. There are sites like Ibotta, Savings star, Shopkick and etc that can be used to get discounts on grocery shopping. On some apps you will have to scan your grocery receipts and buy some specific products or brands to get discounts and some will pay you instant cash back on your shopping. You can use them on your local store brands or for online shopping. Many of the apps gives you points for the above mentioned tasks and then you can redeem your points into gift cards or cash that you can get in multiple ways. Most of time the only option is PayPal and you can receive your cash from PayPal.

2- Get printed Coupons

Now it is not necessary to buy newspaper to get coupons you can get them online and print them. There are hundreds of websites now that you can use to get coupons and you can then print them to get discounts on your weekly trip of shopping. These websites includes, and etc. These websites are free to use and easily accessible. So the time has gone when you have to buy some fancy papers to get coupons now you can get them online because most of the manufacturers have put them online so that it could be easily accessible and used by you.

3- Buy in Bulk when something is on discount

Buying things in bulk that you do not use a lot and cannot save is never a good decision so you do not need to buy such items. But there are items that your family eats a lot or that can be preserved and can be used for a larger period of time means these things has a greater life. So buying these types of items can be a good decision for your budget. Let me give you an example, suppose if you eat a lot of oatmeal and it costs $4 a box and you eat 2 boxes per week so if you get oatmeal on sale on price of $2 per box you can buy them in bulk and you buy 20 boxes for you that will be used for 10 weeks. So here in this trade you will buy oatmeal of 10 weeks in the price of 5 weeks that means you have saved a good amount. Another case is that they items that cannot be saved and preserved so if you get apples on sale do not buy them in bulk because this will be a very big loss because you cannot preserve them and as you know that food wastage is a very big problem of our society so if you will buy like this you will also get accused of it.

4-Remain Informed about your Local Stores.

Do you now all your local store and if they have their own coupons and when did they are on sale? I am sure you will not because many of the people like us do not have much interest in these kinds of stuff. But when money saving is a priority you have to do a search and give some time so that you could save effectively and get the most out of it. So if you want to save more than you want on your grocery shopping then you will have to look for your all local stores. There are stores that has mega sales every month or after few months. So it is the time that you should know that dates. Many a times some stores give you double discount on a single coupon on selective days. So if you know these selective days you can cash them and can save hundreds of dollars on grocery shopping. Though if you are a beginner in this type of shopping or using coupons it will take some time and practice and after that you will be saving hundreds of dollars every year that will take you towards your goal of financial stability.

Many of the stores do big promotion and if you cannot get the date of that promotion by other ways you can ask them directly. You should never hesitate for asking discount if money saving is your priority. If you ask your local store for their sale days they will tell you as they do not have much to hide so asking is important because you do not know what you can get by just simply asking.

So here you are stepping in the world of money saving so it is important to know that where and how you can use your coupons. A cashier can get annoyed if you do not use the coupon properly or even you can get disappointed if you misuse the coupon. So it is better to study a coupon policy and validity and where it is applicable so that you can use it properly and get your discounts effectively.

5- Use Social Media Groups

Social media has made this world a global village so it is the time that we should use social media to better our life. It can help us in many ways but in this case our priority is to save money and to learn about coupons. I am pretty sure that you would be a Facebook user as it has 800 Million users around the globe. So if you are a user of Facebook and other sites like it you can get number of groups there that gives you information about coupon policies and you can search for coupons there because you will find people there that use coupons for money savings. So in these groups you will be able to get coupons and you can get information about them. You will be able to find your local groups so you will get to know people around you that use coupons and you can even exchange your coupons with them for effective shopping but never sell coupons as it is illegal in most of time. So this could be a very beneficial idea to get to know people so that you would remain informed about new coupons and offers.

6- Don’t be brand conscious

If you are a brand conscious person then money saving can be really difficult for you because you will always be looking for the same brand over number of times where the chance of getting discount is so less as compared to others. So marrying to a brand is no more an option. Do you know that most of your store brand names are made and packed by brand companies but are packed at the stores name and they are much cheaper than a brand name so it is never a good option to skip a store brand item in comparison to a branded item. As you want to buy generic so for your information all the store brands remain a quality check at their items and they are really in competition with the branded items. For instance once I bought a box of oatmeal for $2.9 from a store brand with store name and it was of $4 for a certain brand, so here I saved a good amount for a number of quantities. This type of shopping can help you to get a lot of saving without using coupons.

So here were the 6 ideas that will help you to save more money on coupons without going extreme. Make sure you remain informative about the coupons and use them well. Do comment your thoughts in the comment section and also share your experience of saving money using these methods that I have mentioned above.

Have a good Day!

Different Ways To Challenge Yourself To A Non-Spend Day, Week Or Month

Either your kids needs new stuff for back to school after vacations or you have just paid off for your holiday trip or you just feel financially drained, few times our perfectly planned budget can face failure also.

It is quite is to spend all of your money and savings on extra stuff and it also happens quite frequently, but the question is how can you stop this from happening again and again?

Have you ever thought of you spend a specific amount of time without spending a single penny? The time you decide to spend without wasting money on unnecessary stuff is called No-Spend challenge and this is the right answer to your all questions and problems.

Most of you might be thinking that what actually a no-spend challenge is? So here’s the thing that when you totally plan to spend a specific time period without wasting or spending money on stuff is knows as a no-spend challenge and during that time period you will see that how much your money handling situation has been improved, reassuring a budget freeze can actually work wonders for your money saving efforts.

Perfect, here’s the best steps for you to take a start!

A No-Spend Challenge Can Be Anything Whatsoever You Want It To Be

First of all that’s necessary to keep in mind that you explain what you want to include or exclude in your no-spend challenge. Such as for one person it is to cut off their morning glass of orange juice from everyday routine and for second it means to stop buying new iPhone every time Apple launches one or it might mean to cancel their unnecessary subscriptions.

Whatever you choose for your no-spend challenge then it’s important that you should stay honest to yourself and get whatever you want from it.

Well, a no spend challenge doesn’t means that you should cancel all of your subscriptions and cut yourself from the rest of the world, despite the fact that I do know some of the people who have gone to being so conservative after a no-spend challenge.

Prepare Yourself

There are few things that won’t stop even you are doing a no-spend challenge such as,

  • Bills, doesn’t matter if you are doing a no-spend challenge or not you still need to pay your bills
  • Fueling up your car
  • If you use train or bus to travel from one place to another then it need to be in date
  • And obviously you need to eat also!

Before you start your no-spend challenge take a look of everything that you’re already having in your refrigerator, so you can plan your meals too also don’t forget to check your car fuel so you can take a estimate of all of your bills in advance.

This is important in case you don’t miss any of your important payments.

There is no possibility that your no-spend challenge can cut off these sort of costs.

The basic point of no-spend challenge is to stop you from spending on unnecessary items which you don’t need or you can’t afford.

Decide An Ending Period

To end up your no-spend challenge is totally your choice when you want to end it. Whether you are going to fix a special day or date to end it or continue it for a week or two or an entire month it’s totally your choice.

Have you ever done it before too? If yes then great and if no then you should start it with small and If you complete it honestly then you will be do it again probably.

You will literally find it easier if you start by a no-spend week as it is easier to plan lunches and stay on to your budget when you are busy in work or have a busy routine.

Got An Ultimate Aim

Saving money for holiday? Planning to complete work on your home?

For no-spend challenge having anything to work for is the best motivator. In case if urge to squander gets too much then simply think about how good it will feel once you will reach your goal.

Also don’t forget to celebrate milestones with little achievements and rewards.

Initiate Today

Stop making excuses because there is never a perfect time to start saving money so just start from today.

If you’re finding it hard to stop yourself from spending money then the best way to save is to leave your debit cards  and cash at home. That’s the best way to save physically.

After sometime  you will be telling yourself that “ I don’t have money for this so for sure I don’t need this”

Use What You Have

Raise your hands who have a freezer full of food but still having a hard time to decide what to cook?

Many of us belongs to this category and then at last we end up by spending lots of money on unnecessary food. Stop last minutes rushes to the shops and ordering pretty much expensive foods by using up the food which you already have in your freezers.

Schedule Meal To Save Money

Meal planning is one of the great ways to save money and not only that it is also best to save your time. Note down all of the ingredients you have already in your fridge, freezer and in cabinets. After making a list of all the ingredients you have start planning your meals by what you already have.

You never know that with what kind of delicious dish you will come up with.

Shop Your Own Closet

Use that same strategy with your closet.

If you are regretting buying new suits or dresses for every event, start searching your closet deeply to see what you have in your closet already. You will find many things which you might have forgotten you had for sure.

Your attitude will realize that you don’t need a new dress or a new suit for every event after your no-spend challenge.

Clean Out And Make Some Cash

While making some extra money during your no-spend time period, nobody said anything then go ahead search up your whole house and search for those extra items which don’t serve a purpose in your home anymore.

Stay Busy

Your no-spend challenge time period is  a great time to make a list and do those things for which you never get time to. By staying busy in completing tasks like cleaning, DIY or anything else which you couldn’t complete before because of lack of time, after you will complete all of those tasks you will feel really much creative and productive.

If you are energetically looking to do something better other than shopping then you will forget ultimately that you can’t spend money and you will probably prefer to fill up your time with more meaningful and better things to do.

Keep Cool On Yourself

In case if you spend a little or it is a special occasion that falls on your no-spend time period then its okay its not an end of the world. The significant thing which you should keep in mind is that it is a bright spot, not a reason to give up.

Don’t Forget That It’s Not Forever

Stay focused on your goals and reward yourself at the end of your no-spend challenge by achieving whatever you wanted to. You feel accomplished if everything turns out all right and you will be one step more closer to manage your finances in a better way than before.

Does anyone of you have you started or completed a no-spend challenge yet? We would love to hear from you!