How To Get Free Hair Beauty Products Absolutely Free-Of-Charge

The hair products market is huge!

From conditioners and shampoos, to dry shampoo and hairspray, we are obsessed with maintaining how we look, but it’s all at a cost.

But what if I were to tell you that there are a couple of super easy and quick ways to get the hair products you love free of charge! It is true! Here is a look at some ways that you can score yourself hair freebies today.

Become a conditioner, hair styling, and shampoo products tester

Today, there are tons of online product testing sites that are looking for your opinion, the only catch is you have to try their products. Product testing programs can be offered by anyone from a testing panel to your favourite hair brand (both work in the same way). They send you a bunch of different hair products in exchange for online reviews.

Here are some of the best testing sites out there:

Charles Worthington – simply sign up to try new and exclusive Charles Worthington hair products that haven’t yet hit the market!

Boots – They have a secret panel which you can join to test new hair products before they hit the market. If signing up is not open at the moment, then consider bookmarking the site and checking back from time to time since they open up opportunities all year round.

Super Savvy Me – This is another great panel to consider signing up with. Super Savvy Me always has loads of grabs on offer including the Mega Pantene Bundle which I got free of charge last year. All I did was talk about my hair problems (greasy and thick) and they sent me the bundle, which is fabulous – I wouldn’t have tried this brand but it is all I buy now. Do not forget to the Savvy Circle for more opportunities to win freebies.

Trnd – Trnd allows you to test all kinds of products; they often offer beauty and hair products in bulk like Batiste Dry Shampoos!

Bzzagent – they have loads of free hair goodies and all you need to do is just sign up and fill in a couple of surveys. From your results, they will pick products that suit you most and send them to you for testing.

How To Receive Hair Products Free of Charge in Exchange for Reviews

Okay, now this is one option that may sound too good to be true, but truth is, it really works.

Whether you are an influential blogger, a celebrity or simply someone who loves a particular brand, the old adage “you do not ask, you do not get” will still apply. However, this for such people, it is usually favourable to them compared to you getting freebies.

Just be polite and start by complimenting products and stating what a loyal consumer of their brand you have been for years. Then continue to talk about how you’ve noticed that they have a different or new product you would love to try out in exchange for an online review on either their website or your blog.

If you are lucky, they will send you a full-sized product but at least you will still have received some hair product sample or coupons for discounts for your next purchase. Freebies are freebies, right?

Get 100%-Free Hair Product Sample Online

With so many ways to get free hair products online, the only thing you need to know is where to look for them. You might score anything from free hair extensions to free shampoo if you just know where to find these offers.

Unlike the 2 websites mentioned above, Freebiesite UK offers vouchers, freebies, and samples from different companies instead of members of the public. The freebies can range from calendars and gardening seeds to baby starter kits.

• Consider signing up with the website to get free newsletters that will allow you to stay updated on their latest freebie offers.

• The website also provides details about the latest online discount codes, free competitions, and in-store special offers.

• You can also get to see the best offers available by viewing user ratings, which are highlighted next to an offer’s details.

Ask for Free Samples In-Store

If you happen to pop into a local department store like Selfridges, House of Fraser, or Debenhams, you should find that there are super-friendly makeup and hair experts at each beauty and hair stand ready to advise you on how to maintain your looks.

Apart from advice, they often hand over free goodies like conditioning hair treatments and shampoo samples – that is good enough for me.

Remember, just be polite and nice and do not make it obvious that you are there just to get freebies. And, don’t forget to listen to their advice. You might be surprised by what you get to learn from them!

Win Free Hair Product Bundles

This is one of the most exciting ways to score free hair goodies; however, it is also one of the hardest approaches because your chances of winning anything depend squarely on your luck, the number of freebies to be given away, and a couple of different factors.

Nevertheless, competitions and quizzes are a fun way of winning yourself free and fancy hair products!

There are so many competitions all over and figuring out the best ones to enter can be a bit tricky. So I have come up with a guide that will help you win freebies just by comping.

Some of the sites that host awesome hair giveaways and bundles include:
– Stylist
– Glamour Magazine
– Emerald Street
– Look Magazine
– And many more!

It is worth trying out some phone apps too. If you are on O2, then consider looking at O2 Priority comps. The same applies to Three customers as they can now use Wuntu – a fab new app that offers tons of comps and freebies.

Free Hair Extensions – How Do I Get Them

If you would like to try out some new, fancy hair extensions to find a shade that suits you before committing, then hair extension samples are the way to go.

To make things easier for you, I have found you a company that offers free samples through the post. Exciting, right? So, which colour will you get?

Sometimes, hair freebies are only intended for professionals within the hair industry, that is stylists, hairdressers, and such. Nevertheless, make a point of checking with them. You never know, by contacting them directly, they just might decide to send you some freebies out of courtesy.

Now you have it, some quick and simple ways to score yourself free hair goodies.

If you have any new ideas on how to get freebies, then feel free to share with us. We’d like to hear from you, so please give us a call today!