A Great Way to Get Free Stuff such as Movies and Television Shows

There is a plethora of different ways that you can get your hands on some free stuff on the internet. Believe it or not, there are millions of websites out there on the net that have been dedicated to providing you with free stuff which includes product samples and money. One of the best free things that you can get on the internet is free movies and television shows. You might think that to get movies and television shows you will have to buy them on the internet, however, this isn’t true. Simply read through this article to see how you can stream you favorite television shows and movies on the internet for absolutely free. We spoke to the owner of Mega Free Stuff UK who can up with a great way to save money and free movies to watch on demand.

You may have heard of some of the web’s biggest television and movie streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. You might know that these services often cost a monthly subscription fee which can range to around £20 a month. Many people don’t have this much money lying around just for streaming of their favorite television shows and movies. However, getting a free subscription to such streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu is actually very easy.

Netflix and Hulu often give out thousands of free monthly subscriptions each and every month to men and women who have gone ahead and completed a survey for them. These streaming services need information from real men and women such as ourselves to provide them with information and opinions on their service so that they can improve their business. If you go ahead and answer their surveys, they will reward with such things as a free monthly subscription to their service or perhaps even a yearly subscription to their service. This means that you could potentially enjoy a years worth of your favorite movies and televisions shows for absolutely free.

You will find that these streaming services will often have an official survey area on their website where you can apply to be one of the men or women that their surveys and be eligible for free streaming of their surveys. This means that by spending a few minutes out of your day, you will be able to go and enjoy the amazing streaming services provided by websites such as Hulu. This means that you will be able to save money renting or purchasing television shows and movies each and every month.

Furthermore, there are often third party surveys that you can take that will reward you with a free subscription to these services. When choosing to take a survey from a third party, make sure that you do your research to see that they are trustworthy. To do this, all you really have to do is to search them online and to see reviews of their survey service to see if men and women are getting their rewards.

And there you have it, how you cab go ahead and enjoy your free time watching your favorite movies and television shows for absolutely zero cost at all.

Using Coupons to Save Without Going Extreme

Money saving is a process that everyone wants to do because this is the most vital step towards attaining financial stability. Using coupons to get discounts and avail other options is a good task but it can take a lot of hard work sometimes if you do it manually and search the newspaper for a coupon every week. It could be an irritating task because many a times when you use a lot of coupons you need to buy an amount more than you need and sometime have to buy an item that you do not even buy to avail an offer. Every one of us would love to get discount but doing this from coupons can take a lot of time and effort and not everyone is ready for it. Many a times your coupons can only be availed to get unhealthy food like Junk food and packed food that is somehow not good for your health. So here I am writing this article for you so that you could use coupons to get discounts without any hard work and giving you methods to save more effectively.

1-Use Money saving apps

In the process of money saving these money savings apps can become a big factor. There are hundreds of free apps that you can download and use to get discounts and to avail different offers online on certain brands and stores. If grocery shopping takes a big space in your budget section then these apps can help you. There are sites like Ibotta, Savings star, Shopkick and etc that can be used to get discounts on grocery shopping. On some apps you will have to scan your grocery receipts and buy some specific products or brands to get discounts and some will pay you instant cash back on your shopping. You can use them on your local store brands or for online shopping. Many of the apps gives you points for the above mentioned tasks and then you can redeem your points into gift cards or cash that you can get in multiple ways. Most of time the only option is PayPal and you can receive your cash from PayPal.

2- Get printed Coupons

Now it is not necessary to buy newspaper to get coupons you can get them online and print them. There are hundreds of websites now that you can use to get coupons and you can then print them to get discounts on your weekly trip of shopping. These websites includes coupons.com, smatcource.com and redplum.com etc. These websites are free to use and easily accessible. So the time has gone when you have to buy some fancy papers to get coupons now you can get them online because most of the manufacturers have put them online so that it could be easily accessible and used by you.

3- Buy in Bulk when something is on discount

Buying things in bulk that you do not use a lot and cannot save is never a good decision so you do not need to buy such items. But there are items that your family eats a lot or that can be preserved and can be used for a larger period of time means these things has a greater life. So buying these types of items can be a good decision for your budget. Let me give you an example, suppose if you eat a lot of oatmeal and it costs $4 a box and you eat 2 boxes per week so if you get oatmeal on sale on price of $2 per box you can buy them in bulk and you buy 20 boxes for you that will be used for 10 weeks. So here in this trade you will buy oatmeal of 10 weeks in the price of 5 weeks that means you have saved a good amount. Another case is that they items that cannot be saved and preserved so if you get apples on sale do not buy them in bulk because this will be a very big loss because you cannot preserve them and as you know that food wastage is a very big problem of our society so if you will buy like this you will also get accused of it.

4-Remain Informed about your Local Stores.

Do you now all your local store and if they have their own coupons and when did they are on sale? I am sure you will not because many of the people like us do not have much interest in these kinds of stuff. But when money saving is a priority you have to do a search and give some time so that you could save effectively and get the most out of it. So if you want to save more than you want on your grocery shopping then you will have to look for your all local stores. There are stores that has mega sales every month or after few months. So it is the time that you should know that dates. Many a times some stores give you double discount on a single coupon on selective days. So if you know these selective days you can cash them and can save hundreds of dollars on grocery shopping. Though if you are a beginner in this type of shopping or using coupons it will take some time and practice and after that you will be saving hundreds of dollars every year that will take you towards your goal of financial stability.

Many of the stores do big promotion and if you cannot get the date of that promotion by other ways you can ask them directly. You should never hesitate for asking discount if money saving is your priority. If you ask your local store for their sale days they will tell you as they do not have much to hide so asking is important because you do not know what you can get by just simply asking.

So here you are stepping in the world of money saving so it is important to know that where and how you can use your coupons. A cashier can get annoyed if you do not use the coupon properly or even you can get disappointed if you misuse the coupon. So it is better to study a coupon policy and validity and where it is applicable so that you can use it properly and get your discounts effectively.

5- Use Social Media Groups

Social media has made this world a global village so it is the time that we should use social media to better our life. It can help us in many ways but in this case our priority is to save money and to learn about coupons. I am pretty sure that you would be a Facebook user as it has 800 Million users around the globe. So if you are a user of Facebook and other sites like it you can get number of groups there that gives you information about coupon policies and you can search for coupons there because you will find people there that use coupons for money savings. So in these groups you will be able to get coupons and you can get information about them. You will be able to find your local groups so you will get to know people around you that use coupons and you can even exchange your coupons with them for effective shopping but never sell coupons as it is illegal in most of time. So this could be a very beneficial idea to get to know people so that you would remain informed about new coupons and offers.

6- Don’t be brand conscious

If you are a brand conscious person then money saving can be really difficult for you because you will always be looking for the same brand over number of times where the chance of getting discount is so less as compared to others. So marrying to a brand is no more an option. Do you know that most of your store brand names are made and packed by brand companies but are packed at the stores name and they are much cheaper than a brand name so it is never a good option to skip a store brand item in comparison to a branded item. As you want to buy generic so for your information all the store brands remain a quality check at their items and they are really in competition with the branded items. For instance once I bought a box of oatmeal for $2.9 from a store brand with store name and it was of $4 for a certain brand, so here I saved a good amount for a number of quantities. This type of shopping can help you to get a lot of saving without using coupons.

So here were the 6 ideas that will help you to save more money on coupons without going extreme. Make sure you remain informative about the coupons and use them well. Do comment your thoughts in the comment section and also share your experience of saving money using these methods that I have mentioned above.

Have a good Day!

Different Ways To Challenge Yourself To A Non-Spend Day, Week Or Month

Either your kids needs new stuff for back to school after vacations or you have just paid off for your holiday trip or you just feel financially drained, few times our perfectly planned budget can face failure also.

It is quite is to spend all of your money and savings on extra stuff and it also happens quite frequently, but the question is how can you stop this from happening again and again?

Have you ever thought of you spend a specific amount of time without spending a single penny? The time you decide to spend without wasting money on unnecessary stuff is called No-Spend challenge and this is the right answer to your all questions and problems.

Most of you might be thinking that what actually a no-spend challenge is? So here’s the thing that when you totally plan to spend a specific time period without wasting or spending money on stuff is knows as a no-spend challenge and during that time period you will see that how much your money handling situation has been improved, reassuring a budget freeze can actually work wonders for your money saving efforts.

Perfect, here’s the best steps for you to take a start!

A No-Spend Challenge Can Be Anything Whatsoever You Want It To Be

First of all that’s necessary to keep in mind that you explain what you want to include or exclude in your no-spend challenge. Such as for one person it is to cut off their morning glass of orange juice from everyday routine and for second it means to stop buying new iPhone every time Apple launches one or it might mean to cancel their unnecessary subscriptions.

Whatever you choose for your no-spend challenge then it’s important that you should stay honest to yourself and get whatever you want from it.

Well, a no spend challenge doesn’t means that you should cancel all of your subscriptions and cut yourself from the rest of the world, despite the fact that I do know some of the people who have gone to being so conservative after a no-spend challenge.

Prepare Yourself

There are few things that won’t stop even you are doing a no-spend challenge such as,

  • Bills, doesn’t matter if you are doing a no-spend challenge or not you still need to pay your bills
  • Fueling up your car
  • If you use train or bus to travel from one place to another then it need to be in date
  • And obviously you need to eat also!

Before you start your no-spend challenge take a look of everything that you’re already having in your refrigerator, so you can plan your meals too also don’t forget to check your car fuel so you can take a estimate of all of your bills in advance.

This is important in case you don’t miss any of your important payments.

There is no possibility that your no-spend challenge can cut off these sort of costs.

The basic point of no-spend challenge is to stop you from spending on unnecessary items which you don’t need or you can’t afford.

Decide An Ending Period

To end up your no-spend challenge is totally your choice when you want to end it. Whether you are going to fix a special day or date to end it or continue it for a week or two or an entire month it’s totally your choice.

Have you ever done it before too? If yes then great and if no then you should start it with small and If you complete it honestly then you will be do it again probably.

You will literally find it easier if you start by a no-spend week as it is easier to plan lunches and stay on to your budget when you are busy in work or have a busy routine.

Got An Ultimate Aim

Saving money for holiday? Planning to complete work on your home?

For no-spend challenge having anything to work for is the best motivator. In case if urge to squander gets too much then simply think about how good it will feel once you will reach your goal.

Also don’t forget to celebrate milestones with little achievements and rewards.

Initiate Today

Stop making excuses because there is never a perfect time to start saving money so just start from today.

If you’re finding it hard to stop yourself from spending money then the best way to save is to leave your debit cards  and cash at home. That’s the best way to save physically.

After sometime  you will be telling yourself that “ I don’t have money for this so for sure I don’t need this”

Use What You Have

Raise your hands who have a freezer full of food but still having a hard time to decide what to cook?

Many of us belongs to this category and then at last we end up by spending lots of money on unnecessary food. Stop last minutes rushes to the shops and ordering pretty much expensive foods by using up the food which you already have in your freezers.

Schedule Meal To Save Money

Meal planning is one of the great ways to save money and not only that it is also best to save your time. Note down all of the ingredients you have already in your fridge, freezer and in cabinets. After making a list of all the ingredients you have start planning your meals by what you already have.

You never know that with what kind of delicious dish you will come up with.

Shop Your Own Closet

Use that same strategy with your closet.

If you are regretting buying new suits or dresses for every event, start searching your closet deeply to see what you have in your closet already. You will find many things which you might have forgotten you had for sure.

Your attitude will realize that you don’t need a new dress or a new suit for every event after your no-spend challenge.

Clean Out And Make Some Cash

While making some extra money during your no-spend time period, nobody said anything then go ahead search up your whole house and search for those extra items which don’t serve a purpose in your home anymore.

Stay Busy

Your no-spend challenge time period is  a great time to make a list and do those things for which you never get time to. By staying busy in completing tasks like cleaning, DIY or anything else which you couldn’t complete before because of lack of time, after you will complete all of those tasks you will feel really much creative and productive.

If you are energetically looking to do something better other than shopping then you will forget ultimately that you can’t spend money and you will probably prefer to fill up your time with more meaningful and better things to do.

Keep Cool On Yourself

In case if you spend a little or it is a special occasion that falls on your no-spend time period then its okay its not an end of the world. The significant thing which you should keep in mind is that it is a bright spot, not a reason to give up.

Don’t Forget That It’s Not Forever

Stay focused on your goals and reward yourself at the end of your no-spend challenge by achieving whatever you wanted to. You feel accomplished if everything turns out all right and you will be one step more closer to manage your finances in a better way than before.

Does anyone of you have you started or completed a no-spend challenge yet? We would love to hear from you!

Numerous Ways by Which You Guys Can Save At Ulta

After entering an Ulta store you’ll be instantly welcomed by an outclass countless skincare products, like colorful eyeshadow palettes galore and the beautiful bottles of perfumes. That’s the reason why anyone who shops at Ulta knows that it is actually easy to spend a large amount of money in one trip.

But, you don’t need to worry about anything because we have put our best on the line to come up with the list of numerous ways through which you can cut costs of your favorite beauty products at Ulta. By finding the right coupon to getting hands on the biggest sales, these are our favorite most tips of saving money at Ulta. So simply stick to us and we will show you.

Let’s get started!

  • Shop Ulta on Black Friday

Ulta’s has some of the deepest discounts to offer at their Black Friday sale which you will find throughout the year. Also before they have offered a wide range of saving options & beauty busters with great discounts.

  • Check RetailMeNot Before You Shop

You can also check out RetailMeNot for all the latest discounts & offers at Ulta. This include of everything such as percentage off discounts, free gifts, cash back and discount codes. So in simple words it literally includes everything.

  • Sign Up For Ultamate Rewards

Don’t forget to make sure that your Ultamate Rewards are activated before making a purchase at Ulta. This is the only greatest way for you to earn points and qualify for free products.

Being a member you’ll be able to receive coupons & discounts through your email every few weeks. The program also records that how much you’ve spend at the company which includes both, spending at store and also online. After you reach $450 per year then you’ll be able to earn more points for spending every dollar than before. Other than that Reward programs also offers you discounts on your birthdays.

  • Download the Ulta Application

You can also get personalized coupons from Ulta by just downloading their Ulta app. Also by using their app you’ll be able to keep an eye on your loyalty points and by this way you can also stay up to date with their latest products and offers.

  • Learn The Return Policy

Ulta is known for its generous return policy. You can actually refund any of their products within a 60 days of purchasing for a full refund and yes that also includes even opened items. Approximately, there must be 80% of the products are left behind at the least though.

  • Ask For Samples

You will get to select a sample when you check out after you order anything online. You can ask the employee for a free sample while being at the cash register in stores, because there’s a possibility that they will treat you with a one!

  • Utilize Manufacturer Coupons

The thing is that the Ulta actually does accept the manufacturer coupons so don’t forget to check out your weekly ads to get your hands on any cosmetic coupons which you can apply to your in – store purchases.

  • Score A Free Gift With A Purchase

Usually Ulta gives a free gift which includes skin care products, cosmetic bag, makeup samples and much more when you make a purchase of a specific amount. You can also check out Ulta’s discount page to find out what the latest gift promo is.

  • Watch Out The Ulta 21 Days Of Beauty Event

Biannually Ulta hosts the 21 Days of Beauty Sale and honestly speaking it is actually a big deal because you can find so many of its products for up to 50% off – for three entire weeks.

  • Work At Ulta

As we have researched, Ulta’s employees can gain benefit of their status because the employees of Ulta gets 25% off on all retail products and 50% off on all the salon services and the best thing is that they still earn reward points for shopping at Ulta, which I think is the great thing!

  • Register Yourself For Emails For Ulta Beauty

Ulta offers discounts & deals via email. They announce their new products through their newsletter and it is actually so easy to get yourself registered for Ulta emails.

  • Continually Check Out The Clearance Area When Shopping In Stores

In Ulta stores, don’t forget to check out the clearance area. Also ask an employee when they are doing the inventory next, so you’ll find out when there might be the newly marked – down products. Also keep in mind to check out the requirements on your manufacturer coupon – you might be capable to apply them to clearance!

So guys this was the list of some several ways through which you guys can save at Ulta. As now you have learnt different ways to save money at outclass beauty products, so don’t forget to drop a comment below and share your experiences with us and also let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried out and how much did you saved.

Good luck & have a nice day!

13 Side Jobs to Make More Money in field

Many time people ask about making money other than their full time job and want that money because they are in debt. So people want some extra cash than their pay because all of their pay goes in paying debts and other expenses so they want to live more and earn more. So in this article for you I have put together 13 side job ideas from which you can earn instant cash. You just have to be determined for making some money than these ideas will help you a lot. So going for the 1st idea,

1- Teach In your Free time

Are you an expert at any subject? Are you good at communication? Can you deliver your message clearly to your audience? If your answer to these questions is yes then you can earn a lot of money in your short time. The title does not say that you should become a teacher in a school or college and leave your job but it is about teaching in your free time. Many of the students need a teacher to help them out after their college time or so and sometimes parents wants their kids to learn more effectively so they hire a tutor in their home. An average tutor can earn $20 to $25 an hour. So you should not waste your time and expertise and should go for teaching. You can even teach someone music if you are good at playing an instrument you can even teach that for example you play piano very well then you can teach it to someone who wants to learn it and earn some money. You can also become a part time Teacher in an evening college or in a teaching institution. Many of the student want help in subjects like English, Mathematics, Physics or History so you can teach them. You can also teach your native language to immigrants and charge them for it and to those who are seeking for nationality and you can also work as translator for some business event and make some extra fast cash. For finding a person to teach you can advertise yourself in your local newspaper or can take help of the websites like Craigslist, Study pool or Udemy. You can also sell your notes to students who miss their classes or don’t makes notes or to someone who requires it for a specific test on websites like Nexus Notes.

2- Mobile Mechanic

If you have garage at your home or have a tool kit that is used in repairing cars and motorbikes then you can hire yourself as a mobile mechanic in your free time. You can work in the evening in the client house or you can help someone whose car broke out on the road. This side hustle will take time to get started but it can pay you well if you are having costumers on daily basis. You can advertise your services in the local newspaper or you can make a profile at Your Mechanic which is a very famous website that a lot of people use to find a mechanic.

3- Become a Home Inspector

A home inspector can easily earn up to $500 for a house or more if the house is bigger than the average one. Although you have to take a course and get certified before doing this job that takes some time but after you have certified you can easily become a Home Inspector and can work with your national organization. Home Inspectors have to inspect a house and make a report. So if you to want to help people and work for them then you can make good from this side hustle.

4- Paint

If you know how to paint then you can help your neighbors or other people and can charge for it. You can book your weekends for this side hustle or make commitments for your free time and make some extra cash from this side hustle.

5- Cut and sell Wood

If you have an axe or a machine to cut trees at your home and you have the skill to cut tress then this skill can bring you a lot. Many of the people in our state use wood to warm up their house. So if you can cut trees you can sell those tress near you. You just need a little motivation and a chainsaw for starting this work. You can elaborate more by cutting these woods more to make wood for fire and sell them in your surroundings. With this business you can earn more in winters so this side hustle can pay you well in winters specially.

6- Maintain pools

Maintaining a healthy and clean pool could be a tricky task for owners. You can offer your service to your neighborhood for cleaning their pools and maintain a proper pH level of their pools. Pool cleaning takes a very long time and energy. So you can hire yourself or book your weekends with people around you for cleaning their pools. This side hustle can also boost your income.

7- Become a Part Time Cleaner

There are many businesses, medical center, offices and institutions which do not hire a full time sanitary worker but they hire a person in the evening to clean the office once while the staff leaves for their house. Hiring yourself to a part time business like that for a few hours can boost your income to a very good level because you only have to work for an hour or so in the evening and that will not disturb your full time job and your health too and you will make more cash.

8- Install TV systems

You can make proper use of your free time if you are a technical person who knows the technicalities of installing a TV or gaming systems by installing TV systems and gaming stations in peoples house. All you need is knowledge and a basic toolkit to help you out. To install a system like that it only takes an hour or less so you can also use your free time in this regard.

9- Sell Scrap.

If you want a few dollars daily then you should collect scrap and sell it. You can collect scrap from your own house and then in your surroundings, you can collect aluminum cans and other metals and sell them to any scrap dealer in good rates. You can also collect free material from Craigslist where people put their stuff that they don’t use and throw so you can pick that items and sell them to. All you need is just a few hours. So this method could work effectively as a side job.

10- Coaching

If you are an expert to any game or good at playing then you can spend your free time in coaching. You can teach students or people about a specific sport you are specialized in. Coaches around the world make $100,000 a year. So this side job can give you more than any other side job.

11- Repair Computers

If you got knowledge about electronics repairing you can earn with that you can help people repairing their computer and electronic gadgets from you and you can also buy old damaged computers and then you can repair it and after repairing you can sell them and take the profit. This could be a handy task if you are determined to make money.

12- Delivery boy

If you got a bike or a fuel efficient vehicle then you can earn more in this field. You can become a delivery boy after your full time job. Delivery boys around the world can make $10 to $20 per hour. You can deliver pizza or food to people or you can also do delivery for pharmacy and you can also do deliveries with online stores like Amazon in your free time easily in your city.

13- Drive people to their destination.

If you have a car and have free time after your job then you can drive people to their destinations in your convenience hours or you can do this in going to your office and coming back to your home to earn some extra cash. You can drive people around in your flexible time and according to your needs. People are shifting from old tradition taxi services to these modern apps because they charge less. Apps like Uber and Lyft are famous in the market. You can register your car with them for making some extra money. You can make more money in the peak times and if you live near an airport or a station.

So these were the 13 side jobs idea from which you can earn a healthy amount of cash every week. You should be determined and clear before doing any job. Do not forget to comment in the comment section below and do share your experiences of earning money in the ways I have mentioned.

Have a good Day!