13 Side Jobs to Make More Money in field

Many time people ask about making money other than their full time job and want that money because they are in debt. So people want some extra cash than their pay because all of their pay goes in paying debts and other expenses so they want to live more and earn more. So in this article for you I have put together 13 side job ideas from which you can earn instant cash. You just have to be determined for making some money than these ideas will help you a lot. So going for the 1st idea,

1- Teach In your Free time

Are you an expert at any subject? Are you good at communication? Can you deliver your message clearly to your audience? If your answer to these questions is yes then you can earn a lot of money in your short time. The title does not say that you should become a teacher in a school or college and leave your job but it is about teaching in your free time. Many of the students need a teacher to help them out after their college time or so and sometimes parents wants their kids to learn more effectively so they hire a tutor in their home. An average tutor can earn $20 to $25 an hour. So you should not waste your time and expertise and should go for teaching. You can even teach someone music if you are good at playing an instrument you can even teach that for example you play piano very well then you can teach it to someone who wants to learn it and earn some money. You can also become a part time Teacher in an evening college or in a teaching institution. Many of the student want help in subjects like English, Mathematics, Physics or History so you can teach them. You can also teach your native language to immigrants and charge them for it and to those who are seeking for nationality and you can also work as translator for some business event and make some extra fast cash. For finding a person to teach you can advertise yourself in your local newspaper or can take help of the websites like Craigslist, Study pool or Udemy. You can also sell your notes to students who miss their classes or don’t makes notes or to someone who requires it for a specific test on websites like Nexus Notes.

2- Mobile Mechanic

If you have garage at your home or have a tool kit that is used in repairing cars and motorbikes then you can hire yourself as a mobile mechanic in your free time. You can work in the evening in the client house or you can help someone whose car broke out on the road. This side hustle will take time to get started but it can pay you well if you are having costumers on daily basis. You can advertise your services in the local newspaper or you can make a profile at Your Mechanic which is a very famous website that a lot of people use to find a mechanic.

3- Become a Home Inspector

A home inspector can easily earn up to $500 for a house or more if the house is bigger than the average one. Although you have to take a course and get certified before doing this job that takes some time but after you have certified you can easily become a Home Inspector and can work with your national organization. Home Inspectors have to inspect a house and make a report. So if you to want to help people and work for them then you can make good from this side hustle.

4- Paint

If you know how to paint then you can help your neighbors or other people and can charge for it. You can book your weekends for this side hustle or make commitments for your free time and make some extra cash from this side hustle.

5- Cut and sell Wood

If you have an axe or a machine to cut trees at your home and you have the skill to cut tress then this skill can bring you a lot. Many of the people in our state use wood to warm up their house. So if you can cut trees you can sell those tress near you. You just need a little motivation and a chainsaw for starting this work. You can elaborate more by cutting these woods more to make wood for fire and sell them in your surroundings. With this business you can earn more in winters so this side hustle can pay you well in winters specially.

6- Maintain pools

Maintaining a healthy and clean pool could be a tricky task for owners. You can offer your service to your neighborhood for cleaning their pools and maintain a proper pH level of their pools. Pool cleaning takes a very long time and energy. So you can hire yourself or book your weekends with people around you for cleaning their pools. This side hustle can also boost your income.

7- Become a Part Time Cleaner

There are many businesses, medical center, offices and institutions which do not hire a full time sanitary worker but they hire a person in the evening to clean the office once while the staff leaves for their house. Hiring yourself to a part time business like that for a few hours can boost your income to a very good level because you only have to work for an hour or so in the evening and that will not disturb your full time job and your health too and you will make more cash.

8- Install TV systems

You can make proper use of your free time if you are a technical person who knows the technicalities of installing a TV or gaming systems by installing TV systems and gaming stations in peoples house. All you need is knowledge and a basic toolkit to help you out. To install a system like that it only takes an hour or less so you can also use your free time in this regard.

9- Sell Scrap.

If you want a few dollars daily then you should collect scrap and sell it. You can collect scrap from your own house and then in your surroundings, you can collect aluminum cans and other metals and sell them to any scrap dealer in good rates. You can also collect free material from Craigslist where people put their stuff that they don’t use and throw so you can pick that items and sell them to. All you need is just a few hours. So this method could work effectively as a side job.

10- Coaching

If you are an expert to any game or good at playing then you can spend your free time in coaching. You can teach students or people about a specific sport you are specialized in. Coaches around the world make $100,000 a year. So this side job can give you more than any other side job.

11- Repair Computers

If you got knowledge about electronics repairing you can earn with that you can help people repairing their computer and electronic gadgets from you and you can also buy old damaged computers and then you can repair it and after repairing you can sell them and take the profit. This could be a handy task if you are determined to make money.

12- Delivery boy

If you got a bike or a fuel efficient vehicle then you can earn more in this field. You can become a delivery boy after your full time job. Delivery boys around the world can make $10 to $20 per hour. You can deliver pizza or food to people or you can also do delivery for pharmacy and you can also do deliveries with online stores like Amazon in your free time easily in your city.

13- Drive people to their destination.

If you have a car and have free time after your job then you can drive people to their destinations in your convenience hours or you can do this in going to your office and coming back to your home to earn some extra cash. You can drive people around in your flexible time and according to your needs. People are shifting from old tradition taxi services to these modern apps because they charge less. Apps like Uber and Lyft are famous in the market. You can register your car with them for making some extra money. You can make more money in the peak times and if you live near an airport or a station.

So these were the 13 side jobs idea from which you can earn a healthy amount of cash every week. You should be determined and clear before doing any job. Do not forget to comment in the comment section below and do share your experiences of earning money in the ways I have mentioned.

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